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Wilderness therapy uniquely designed for adolescent girls struggling with process and digital addictions

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Girls are subjected to a culture saturated with “hypersexualized media,” which reduces girls and women to sex objects.

More than 20 years of research shows that exposure to sexualized images contributes to girls’ self-sexualization (defined as intentionally engaging in activities expressly to appear more sexually appealing), which often leads to others objectifying them, and is correlated with higher self-surveillance and body shame. Exposure to this type of material is related to feelings of shame, appearance anxiety, body issues and dissatisfaction, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression.


There is evidence that for some adolescents, exposure to sexualized media is associated with greater sexual activity and an increased tolerance of sexual violence. This exposure has also led to an increase in victim-blaming and a decrease in empathy for rape survivors.



STAR Guides Wilderness, navigates teenage girls beyond these addictions by generating unprecedented emotional growth through specialized wilderness treatment. Technology/gaming/social media addictions, reckless and deceptive on-line behavior and pornography/cyber-sex addiction are among the issues that are treated in the girls only specific programs.


At the end of an eventful day...

Hiking, learning to build fire with sticks, setting up a shelter using a tarp and cordage and cooking her own meals over a campfire, your daughter will experience a feeling that is largely unknown to many youth today.

Due to the onslaught of technology, many youth today spend a majority of their waking hours staring at a screen, texting, gaming and surfing endlessly.


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The Effects of Hypersexualized Media on Girls

Extensive research has shown that girls exposed to hypersexualized pop-culture images from a young age are more likely to:

  • have increased levels of anxiety and depression

  • suffer from low self-esteem

  • have an increased tendency to develop eating disorders and engage in self-harm

  • engage in risky sexual behavior

  • develop negative body image and self-objectify

  • have an increased likelihood of drug and alcohol abuse

  • be at greater risk for sexting and to be sexually victimize

SOURCE Culture Reframed


Treatment for Girls

How the STAR Guides Wilderness Program can help you and your Daughter

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Enjoying the Nature

Too many youth today have developed a dependency to being entertained by their technology

Many have lost the ability to manage the emotional demands of their lives without escaping into technology. Increasingly, this phenomena leads to sexual behavior problems. These distractions make it difficult for youth struggling with sexual behaviors to truly focus on the issues in their life that have resulted in the development of their sexual problems.

Youth in the STAR Guides program spend approximately 60 days learning to survive in the remote, high desert of Southern Utah with only the supplies they can strap to their back.

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Youth take responsibility for all aspects of their well-being

In addition to the challenges of being unplugged from all technology, communication with the outside world and without the amenities of civilization, we teach responsibility.

Responsibilities include cooking, taking care of their supplies and learning to use only the elements of the desert to live. Youth are no longer able to avoid responsibility by hiding behind their technology and they experience an immediate disruption to the problematic sexual behaviors.


Youth are guided by a team of the most experienced and skilled clinical therapists in the country who specialize in working with youth with sexual behavior issues in a wilderness setting. Every task and assignment youth complete is designed to instill the importance of developing values.



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