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Wilderness therapy uniquely designed for adolescent boys struggling with process and technology addictions

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Pornography is Free & Easy to Access

Much of online porn is free and unfiltered, so the average age of first viewing of porn – whether intentionally or accidentally — is estimated by some researchers to be 12, and anecdotal evidence suggests as young as 8. Smartphones provide 24/7 access to a massive quantity of free, hardcore porn. And porn has become the de facto sex education for young people, as many parents are unaware of how widespread porn is on popular teen media.

And what are these kids viewing?


Often violent, degrading, and extreme scenarios.


A 2016 survey from the UK found that 44% of males ages 11–16 who consumed pornography reported that online porn gave them ideas about the type of sex they wanted to try.

Porn is radically undermining the healthy development of children and youth, and contributing to increasing levels of sexual inequality, dysfunction, and violence.



A closer look at the gear each students is assigned

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STAR Guides Wilderness, navigates teenage boys beyond these addictions by generating unprecedented emotional growth through specialized wilderness treatment. Technology/gaming/social media addictions, reckless and deceptive on-line behavior and pornography/cyber-sex addiction are among the issues that are treated in the boys only specific programs.


Lying beneath the bright, desert stars...

At the end of an eventful day of hiking, learning to build fire with sticks, setting up a shelter using a tarp and cordage and cooking his/her own meals over a camp fire, your child will experience a feeling of competency that is largely unknown to many youth today.

Due to the onslaught of technology, many youth today spend a majority of their waking hours being entertained staring at a screen, texting, gaming and surfing endlessly throughout a virtual world of fantasy.

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The Effects of Porn on Boys

Extensive research has revealed that boys exposed to porn from a young age are more likely to:

  • have attitudes that support sexual harassment and violence against women

  • believe “rape myths” that justify or defend rape

  • demonstrate decreased academic performance

  • have decreased empathy for rape victims

  • have increasingly aggressive behavioral tendencies

  • pressure their partners to engage in porn-style sex (harmful, painful, degrading, aggressive, etc.)

  • experience difficulty in developing intimate relationships

  • develop sexual preoccupation and compulsive internet use

  • have increased levels of erectile dysfunction

  • experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and loss of intimacy

SOURCE Culture Reframed

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Too many youth today have developed a dependency to being entertained by their technology

Many have lost the ability to manage the emotional demands of their lives without escaping into technology.  Increasingly, we see this phenomena often leading to inappropriate early childhood exposure to hyper-sexualized material which adds a significant interruption to a youth’s healthy developmental path


​Youth in the STAR Guides program will spend 100-120 days learning specialized techniques on how to live in the remote, high desert of Southern Utah with only the supplies they can strap to their back.

bag, camping, travel, backpacker, school
mat, camp, camping, tool, equipment, rel
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In addition to the challenges of being unplugged from all technology, communication with the outside world and without the amenities of civilization, we teach responsibility.

Youth take responsibility for all aspects of their well-being

Responsibilities include cooking, taking care of their supplies and learning to use only the elements of the desert to live. Youth are also guided by experienced wilderness/trauma psychotherapists who specialize in working with youth who have sexual behavior issues.  Every task and assignment youth complete is designed to help instill the importance of developing personal values.



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